About Affirmative Psychotherapy Group

Finding an experienced psychotherapist who understands the unique issues which gay men face is key to helping you with the solutions and results for which you’re seeking psychotherapy. Affirmative Psychotherapy Group, has been working with gay men for over twenty years. We are dedicated to improving the lives of men, by talking in therapy about their experiences, and finding ways to make lasting changes.

We’ve had gay men as our clients since the 1980’s and watched the community go through many transitions. From the advent of AIDS, to a changing social milieu in which more men have been living their lives coming out of the closet, the issues which gay men handle keep changing. We now have gay marriage in Washington D.C., young people coming out in their teens and gay seniors living far longer. Men have begun to adopt children and create alternative families. Single men have different struggles than guys in long-term relationships or men who go through a series of relations throughout their lives. We help men focus on questions of their identity, in the face of criticism and rejections. For some the issues may revolve around the unique joys and struggles of friendship or dating. For others, sexual problems and addictions may be the focus.

Having a therapist you trust and value, who can work on behavioral, cognitive and emotional change, can help you with your own personal growth. We are mental health professionals who specialize in helping our clients develop self-awareness and encourage them to reach their potential. Our clients have changed their lives by being in psychotherapy; experienced more fulfilling relationships, lessened depressive symptoms, reduced anxiety and live with greater self esteem. We offer our clients Individual Therapy, Couples Therapy and Group Psychotherapy. We are licensed psychologists and social workers and our services are reimbursable by most insurers. Each of our therapists also work with lesbians, as well as straight men and women.